ITAB MoveFlow

The MoveFlow family is designed to handle smaller basket purchases ideally up to 10 items. The system design focuses on the customer experience and user friendliness. It is available with a range of options and cash systems. The MoveFlow family also includes a Hybrid version that can quickly alter between self check out mode and manually operated mode. In this way smaller store can be more flexible balancing demand with staff hours in the store.



· Design and customer experience in focus

· Flexible solutions with various options

· Accommodates various cash systems including closed cash handling

· Hybrid version available for instant swap between self-check out and attended mode


MoveFlow 1&2

MoveFlow is designed to work efficient in most basket-to-bag scenarios. Depending on store layout and customer patterns, there is a MoveFlow version that suits the situation.

MoveFlow Mini

MoveFlow Mini with its small footprint is ideal in environments where there is limited space or where average purchases consist of very few items such as convenience stores, kiosks or pharmacies.

MoveFlow CASH 0 (Pay tower)

MoveFlow CASH 0 has an optimized footprint and is used as an express checkout or as a pay tower. The MoveFlow CASH 0 can easily be adapted to customer requirements regarding scanner/scale, cash management systems etc.

MoveFlow CASH 1

MoveFlow CASH 1 is designed to work efficient in most basket-to-bag scenarios. The unit is designed for express customers and can thanks to the modular design easily be adapted to customer requirements.

MoveFlow CASH 2

MoveFlow CASH 2 is preferably used in situations where the customer needs more packing space. Thanks to the modular design, the unit can easily be adapted to customer requirements when it comes to storage possibilities and shelf combinations.


Custom Coloring:

MoveFlow can be delivered in any color or multiple colors to match every type of customer requirement.

Light Tower:

MoveFlow can be equipped with various light towers depending on customer requirements. Choose between ITAB’s own solution, or select a different standard solution available on the market.

Card Payment:

MoveFlow can be equipped with card payment only. Cash payment functionality can be added in a separate standalone cash unit. Integrated cash management is available in the MoveFlow CASH units.


MoveFlow can be equipped with most common scanner/scale systems available on the market.


MoveFlow is equipped with a self-learning scale system that will detect mistakes and attempted theft.

Bag Handling:

MoveFlow is compatible with bag holders for most bag types and bag sizes.

Shelving Options:

Depending on model, MoveFlow can be equipped with different shelving configurations such as bag storage etc.