Toshiba D10

The power to drive business - large and small. Our D10 point of sale system delivers the performance you need in an affordable, adaptable system.

  • Compact footprint fits easily into existing spaces

  • Built-in power management saves energy, operating costs

  • Fixed point of sale ports for peripheral customization

  • Open platform and broad operating system for more peripheral options

  • Dual video display capabilities enrich your customer’s experience

With its compact size, the D10 fits easily into existing spaces - so you don't have to rebuild your checkout counter around it. The D10 can be oriented on its side and slid into a shelf, giving you the freedom to create the checkout environment that works best for your business without compromising on functionality or quality. And since this flexible point of sale system can live in a variety of places on the counter, you have more valuable space for additional merchandise, promotional signage, and more.


  • Reduces initial investment cost and increases revenue per square foot by maximizing the use of your retail floor space


  • Deep sleep mode helps conserve energy, reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint


  • Built for fast installation and easy access to components for quick in-store maintenance


  • Big performance features in a compact solution delivers exceptional value for your investment