modular-67-key-pos-keyboard Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS Keyboard

Additional keys (17) are ideal for retail customers requiring additional function keys for POS applications such as grocery stores or mass merchandisers.


  • The new Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS Keyboard is a new version of Toshiba’s standard 50-Key keyboard, valued by retailers requiring additional function keys to support more POS applications, such as in grocery stores or mass merchandisers.

  • The new features and advancements will make operations easier and faster and improve security for retail customers worldwide.

  • USB and PS/2 interfaces: Connectivity is provided with a simple cable configuration including powered or standard USB for support of all operating systems other than DOS. DOS users can easily integrate the new modular keyboard using a PS/2 interface cable.

  • A new modular design capability will allow easy customization by a customer or by an Toshiba Business Partner in response to changing customer operations and unique requirements.

  • Optional authentication devices such as a Keylock or optical fingerprint reader provide additional security for customers.

  • An optional Magnetic Stripe Reader with three tracks that support credit cards, small form factor cards and even driver’s licenses is available.

These new features and functions, combined with Toshiba quality, reliability and service, make the new larger keyboard the most versatile available for any POS environment.

More Keys Available

  • Allows for more applications and broader set of unique consumer support functions — particularly valuable for mass merchandisers and grocery chains

Choice of Interface — USB and PS2

  • Wider choice for simplified system integration

Modular design

  • Ability for customer or ISV to optimize the keyboard configuration to reduce costs

Optional authentication devices

  • Flexible choices for operator security

Optional MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader)

  • More efficient, speedier credit transactions, security enhancements


  • Add new features and functions with easy to install options

Improved serviceability

  • Easy for customers and ISVs to replace and install parts to ensure continued reliability and dependability