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The Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS Keyboard with 2x20 LCD is for retailers who require a character display for operator messages and function keys to support POS applications, such as in grocery stores or mass merchandisers.


  • The Toshiba Modular 67-Key POS Keyboard with LCD is for retailers who require a character display for operator messages and function keys to support POS applications, such as in grocery stores or mass merchandisers.

  • A 2 × 20 display can be tilted for operator convenience or to reduce glare. Shows numeric and alphanumeric data.

  • Connectivity requires a simple cable configuration including powered or standard USB for support of all operating systems.

  • The modular design allows for easy placement and customization in response to changing customer operations and unique requirements.

  • Optional devices such as a keylock module or fingerprint reader help authenticate users for increased data security.

  • An optional magnetic stripe reader is available with three tracks to process credit cards, and driver’s licenses.

These new features and functions, combined with Toshiba quality, reliability and service, make the new larger keyboard the most versatile available for any POS environment.

67 keys

  • Allows for more applications and broader set of unique consumer support functions—particularly valuable for mass merchandisers and grocery chains

2x20 LCD

  • Provides operator with item number, description and guidance information

Interface USB

  • Adapts to standard universal interface

Modular design

  • Allows the client or ISV to optimize the keyboard configuration to reduce costs

Optional finger print reader device

  • Flexible choice for operator security

Optional MSR (Magnetic stripe reader)

  • More efficient, speedier credit transactions, security enhancements


  • Add new features and functions with easy to install options

Improved serviceability

  • Easy for customers and ISVs to replace and install parts to assure continued reliability and dependability


  • W=325 mm

  • H=24 mm

  • D=167 mm

Keyboard design

  • 67-Key reconfigurable keyboard with re-legendable keys

  • Enable/disable Typematic — repeating single-key depression input

  • 10-key rollover supported on all keys

  • Key Debounce — to limit multiple key depressions

  • Keyboard self-reset during power failure

  • Phantom key suppression — when multiple key depressions cause the keyboard to initiate one that was not intended

  • Key Switch Debounce — to help eliminate false key depressions

  • Redefinable scan code strings (1 – 16 key depressions)

  • Relegendable with clear key tops and key sheet inserts

  • Supports 1x1 and 1x2 vertical and horizontal keys

  • Available with MSR, Keylock and/or Biometric Security

  • Uses same integration trays as previous 50-Key keyboard

Seven keyboard status indicators

  • Num Lock

  • Caps Lock

  • Scroll Lock

  • Wait

  • Offline

  • Message Pending

  • User Definable



  • Long and short cables to accommodate integrated and distributed implementations

  • POS Power USB and standard USB cables are available

MSR Module

  • Optional Three-Track MSR

  • Drivers License and Wedge mode support

Security Module

  • Optional two-position Keylock or

  • Optional Biometric Fingerprint Reader (USB Only)


  • USB

Keyboard programming

  • Utility downloadable from the Web that supports Windows® XP


  • No special driver required

  • Programmability is supported via standard keyboard scan codes

  • UPOS (OPOS/Java™POS)


  • Downloadable Firmware