Create a more personalized and customer-focused self-service experience today - and be ready for your tomorrow as store and operational needs evolve.

  • Modular, modern design with three form factors, provides flexibility and customization options

  • Monitor and manage vital lane operations data from a mobile application

  • Automatic learning of system behavior to correct common mistakes, reduce interventions and optimize throughput

  • Customer-guiding features include LED lighting, audio indicators, scan-to-bag placement and accessibility mode options for ease-of-use

  • Centralized enterprise reporting and remote monitoring intuitively manages self-checkout lanes 

Checkout Environment for Consumer Service (CHEC) is one of the many powerful forces behind System 7. This intuitive user interface uses context-sensitive customer guidance to make self-checkout simpler for every type of user; whether it’s a customer's first time with the solution or their hundredth.  A rich set of shopper assistant functions help address issues at the checkout lane and exception-based reporting with customizable, proactive alerts help retailers mold System 7 to fit their unique store’s environment.


  • Shrink and loss prevention features help keep operations costs low


  • Measure, test, and control your existing front-end checkout experience to better balance shopper friction and retailer risk


  • Prioritize your customer’s experience with intuitive checkout methods, faster speeds, privacy and improved convenience


  • A consultative approach and proven methodology, from initial decision through continuous optimization.

Base Models

Machine Type Model | Configuration
6800-1B0 | Toshiba System 7 BOSS
6800-1K0 | Toshiba System 7 Kiosk/PayStation
6800-100 | Toshiba System 7 Kiosk/PayStation
6800-110 | Toshiba System 7 Cash (with bi-optic scanner bed)

Bagging Station Features

  • With Toshiba’s System 7 bagging options are more flexible than ever. Retailers will be able to order a small (cantilever), medium, large, extra-large (flat platen with fence) bagging stations, with or without bag racks.

  • A 4-bag carousel option is available (ships with 4 fixed bag racks). Depending on the size of the bagging station, you can order one or more bag racks for each

Bagging Rack Feature Options

  • Bagging stations are configured without bag racks by default. Retailers can select 1 or more bag racks to be installed. The maximum number of bag racks depends on the size of the bagging station. The only exception is the carousel, which comes with 4 bag racks installed.

Feature Name | Notes   
Default | No Bag Racks Installed     
1 Bag Rack | Applies only to small, medium, large and extra-large bagging stations
2 Bag Racks | Applies only to medium, large and extra-large bagging stations
3 Bag Racks | Applies only to large and extra-large bagging stations
4 Bag Racks | Applies only to extra-large bagging station
5 Bag Racks | Applies only to extra-large bagging station
No Bag Racks, Fence Large | Add a fence around the large bagging station
No Bag Racks, Fence XLarge | Add a fence around the extra-large bagging station

Optional Features Applicable to All Models

System 7 is more modular and now includes a standalone core module kiosk which is the base of all lane configurations. When ordering System 7, the retailer has more options than ever before to personalize each lane for their store’s needs. Some of those features:

Feature Name

  • Transaction Awareness Light    

  • Lane Light Control Module

  • Hand Scanner Mount, Zebra DS8178

  • Select PinPad Options by Ingenico and Veriphone

  • Select printer options (none, Single Station, Dual Station)

  • Various Voltage Options

  • Various UPS options

  • Special Power Cords

  • Core module key locks

  • Customizable colors

  • In-Store and Enterprise Back Office System Server (BOSS/eBOSS)