Experience an agile, modern, and flexible retail POS system that delivers an exceptional in-store experience for your customers. Designed for retail, this innovative platform scales to your needs, on your terms.

  • Fully configurable point-of-sale system, kiosk, or self-service unit

  • Flexible display design seamlessly shifts from 90 degrees to lay-flat

  • Three multi-touch screen sizes with anti-glare protection

  • Remote system access monitors device for peak efficiency

  • Robust performance creates new opportunities to delight customers

The little things matter in retail. A tilt of a POS screen can make the difference between a good retail moment and an exceptional one. These moments help you create the most enjoyable and thoughtful shopping experience possible for your customers. 

Toshiba TCx 800 All-In-One Platform creates more of these moments. 

Specifically designed for retail, this all-in-one point-of-sale system allows you to customize your customer’s retail experience–from flexible configurations, to adjustable mechanics, andextensive accessory ports. Which means you and your team can deliver faster, efficient, and more enjoyable moments for your shoppers.