A new class of flat panel touch displays from Toshiba, designed to give retailers an intuitive multi-touch interface for both associates and customers. The advanced technologies incorporated in these displays can help retailers increase efficiency and speed, reduce training time and associate errors, and create a unique and differentiated checkout experience for customers.


●    Environmentally friendly LED backlight technology
●    Unintentional touch rejection for enhanced usability
●    Deep sleep enabled with Toshiba Remote Management Agent
●    Easily attaches and detaches I/O for improved serviceability
●    Embedded diagnostics promote display life
●    Flashable firmware updates

For the consumer ... fast, accurate checkouts and visibility to services

The ubiquity of the worldwide web and the pervasiveness of mobile handsets, netbooks and laptop PCs give consumers near limitless access to on-demand products, information and services. For retailers focused on strengthening customer advocacy, checkout speed, accuracy and a personalized shopping experience, it is no longer a differentiator to open new channels of communications with customers, it is a business imperative.

Create advocates by elevating the customer shopping experience

The TCx Displays flat-panel touch products give retailers a simple, yet innovative way to create a unique and distinctive experience for customers. Touchscreens help associates minimize wait time with speedy, accurate checkouts. When customer-facing displays are present for shoppers, they can scroll through receipts, access loyalty account information and respond to store promotions. Touch displays can also introduce new services at the point-of-sale, including third-party offers that help generate incremental revenue—all while making your store a favorite place to shop.

  • Robust projected capacitance (PCap) touchscreen (also available in non-touch models)

  • Never need recalibrating and offer the most flexibility for various input devices dramatically speeding transactions

  • Choice of widescreen (16:9) or standard format (4:3)  15-inch display

  • Offers an ideal size for various POS uses, from space-constrained environments to retailers requiring larger viewing areas

  • High contrast ratio, minimal glare and wide viewing angle

  • Enhances screen visibility even in brightly lit environments

  • Enhanced connectivity

  • Digital inputs such as Display Port enable retailers to migrate to new attachment technologies while preserving existing solutions

  • Solid, retail-hardened construction

  • Protects electronics against extreme store environments including dust, dirt, liquid spills and humidity

  • Flashable firmware updates

  • Helps lower service costs

  • Easy to manage

  • Remote Management tracks usage data, configuration and system health

  • Flexible configurations

  • Integrates with various peripherals - magnetic stripe readers (MSRs), keypads, key locks - for a convenient, unified package

  • Energy-efficient design

  • Energy star compliant, with eco-friendly LED backlight reduces power costs and heat dissipation through low power consumption. Supports deep sleep on system units that are S3 deep sleep enabled.

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Includes mounting configurations compliant with Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for versatile placement options

  • Simple installation

  • Powered USB eliminates the need for additional, bulky power “bricks”


Model Number

  • 6149 – 5CR

  • 6149 – 5SR

  • 6149 – 5NR