A versatile point of sale solution that can evolve as your business needs change. This stylish, retail-hardened solution can function as a point of sale, kiosk or self-service system.

  • Striking appearance enhances customers’ experience with your brand

  • Wide screen brings new display and interaction opportunities

  • Versatile configuration for a seamless look, customer experience

  • Intuitive touch technology maximizes associate productivity

  • Reliable, retail-hardened design keeps checkout lines moving

Intuitively designed around the human factors of touch and visual attention, the TCxWave creates a retail experience that’s tailored to your customers and helps you make the most out of each interaction. Its multi-touch, gesture-based screen is as easy and familiar to use as a smartphone.  The widescreen format associates and customers can see more; opening the possibilities for richer checkout experiences. The standard screen format is available for environments where space is at a premium.


Hardware Models

6140-A30, A3R, E30, E3R 

6140-14C, E4C, 145, E45

6140-15C, E5C 6140-155, E55

6140-100,10D, E10, E1D, EP1, 120, 12D, E20, E2D, EP2