itab-easyflow ITAB EasyFlow

EasyFlow offers a very easy to use shopping experience of a high capacity self-service system. The system is designed to offer an alternative to traditional check outs with a higher perception of customer service and improved security. The technology and method is ground breaking since the checkout recognizes the products not only relying on the barcode – even items sold by weight such as fruit and vegetables is identified.

•    Barcode free identification - Using ITAB’s MatchX™ Technology, EasyFlow identifies more than 99% of the products* - this includes all self packed products like fruit, vegetables and bread.
•    Efficient process – An EasyFlow system is as quick as a conventional check out
•    Significant Cost Savings – On Attendant can manage up to 4 EasyFlow systems
•    Improved customer service, by offering a simple and reliable self check out system the attendants in the area can focus on customer service.
•    Full availability - Checkout capacity is always available which reduces any queues significantly

For EasyFlow models please contact us and we will tell you more.

(available in Europe only)


MatchX TechnologyTM:
MatchX consists of different sensors technologies and classifiers with unique algorithms which are all linked into a unique network for identification of the items.

Fully Automated Checkout:
The first automated checkout solution that boasts a product identification ratio of more than 99%*, including fruit and vegetables. All without the need of barcodes.

Significant Cost Saving:
One staff member can support shoppers from 2 to 4 units depending on the preferred service level and each EasyFlow system has a comparable efficiency compared to a traditional Check Out.

24/7 Availability:
Checkout lanes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Self Learning System:
Through continuous self-learning, MatchXTM builds the required level of identification information to select and identify articles.

Easy to Use:
All the customers need to do is to put their articles on the belt just like in a conventional checkout. The rest is handled by the system and the articles appear on the receipt.

Custom Coloring:
EasyFlow can be delivered in any color or multiple colors to match every type of customer requirement.

Card/Cash Payment
EasyFlow can be equipped with several different card or card/cash solutions to meet every customer requirement.

Light Tower:
EasyFlow can be equipped with various light towers depending on customer requirements. Choose between ITAB’s own solutions or select a different standard solution available on the market.