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Modular 67-Key Keyboard with 2x20 LCD

Modular 67-Key POS LCD Keyboard

Measurements (WxHxD)

435 mm x 24 mm x 167 mm

Keyboard Design

• 67-Key reconfigurable keyboard with re-legendable keys
• Enable/disable Typematic—repeating single-key depression input
• 10-key rollover supported on all keys
• Key Debounce—to limit multiple key depressions
• Keyboard self-reset during power failure
• Phantom key suppression
• Key Switch Debounce—to help eliminate false key depressions
• Redefinable scan code strings (1 - 16 key depressions)
• Relegendable with clear key tops and key sheet inserts
• Supports 1×1 and 1×2 vertical and horizontal keys
• Available with MSR, Keylock and/or Biometric Security
• Uses same integration trays as previous 50-Key with display keyboard

Keyboard Status Indicators

Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Wait, Offline, Message Pending, User Definable


Display format: Two lines of 20 characters Display active area: 118.8 mm × 19.0 mm


Long and short cables to accommodate integrated and distributed implementations. PS/2 min-DIN, POS Power USB and standard USB cables are available.

MSR Module

Optional Three-Track MSR, Drivers License and Wedge mode support

Security Module

Optional two-position Keylock and optional Biometric Fingerprint Reader (USB Only.




• No special driver required
• Programmability is supported via standard keyboard scan codes • UPOS (OPOS/JavaTMPOS)


Downloadable Firmware.

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