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Modular CANPOS Keyboard

Modular CANPOS Keyboard

Measurements (WxHxD)

340 mm x 24 mm x 215 mm without pointing module, 248 mm with pointing module

Keyboard Design

• Standard width, alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard
• Sculpted keys
• Key nibs (F and J) to ensure proper finger positioning
• Enable/disable Typematic — repeating single-key depression input • 10-key rollover supported on all keys
• Key Debounce — to limit multiple key depressions
• Keyboard self-reset during power failure
• Phantom key suppression
• Key Switch Debounce — to help eliminate false key depressions
• Windows® keys omitted for retail POS security
• 32 programmable keys
• Re-definable scan code strings (1 – 16 key depressions)
• Re-legendable with clear key tops and key sheet inserts
• Supports 1x1 and 1x2 vertical and horizontal keys
• Fits in SurePOS 500 Integration Trays

Numeric Keypad

• 11-key numeric pad
• Arrow keys to ease keyboard navigation
• Key nib on the “5” key to ensure proper finger positioning

Pointing Module

• Two-button Varatouch
• Touchpad/Trackpad
• Includes hand stabilization rest for improved accuracy

Keyboard Status Indicators

Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Wait, Offline, Message Pending, User Definable


Long and short cables to accommodate integrated and distributed implementations. PS/2 min-DIN, POS Power USB and standard USB cables are available.

MSR Module

Optional JUCC or Three-Track MSR, Drivers License and Wedge mode support

Security Module

Optional two-position Keylock and optional Biometric Fingerprint Reader (USB Only.


PS/2 Keyboard or USB.
Selected cable determines interface.


• No special driver required
• Programmability is supported via standard keyboard scan codes • UPOS (OPOS/JavaTMPOS)


Downloadable Firmware.

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