• Weighing & Counting Scale
  • SW-II is great for multipurpose environment such as restaurants, cafeterias, farmer\'s markets, especially those who have limited room for a scale.
  • • Lowered Body with large LCD Display
    • Rear Display for customers (Optional)
    • Counting Mode for all SW-II series
    • USB communication & power supply
MODEL  SW2-03  SW2-06  SW2-15  SW2-30 
Capacity  3kg  6kg  15kg 30kg
e (Non-Certi.) 0.5g, 0.2g, 0.1g 1g, 0.5g, 0.2g 2g, 1g, 0.5g 5g, 2g, 1g
e (Certi.) 0.5/1(g) Dual 1/2(g) Dual 2/5(g) Dual 5/10(g) Dual
Resolation 1/3,000 ~ 1/15,000 1/3,000 ~ 1/15,000 1/3,000 ~ 1/15,000 1/3,000 ~ 1/15,000
Display  6Digit LCD (115x39.5mm)  & Back light (White) 
Symbols  STABLE, ZERO, TARE, g, kg, lb, oz, PCS, Low Battery HI / OK / LO 
Functions Hold, Unit Conversion, 
Counting-Counting SampleRange:10~100,200,300,400,500 
Weight Comparison Function : hi, ok, low / Sleep Mode Function
Operation Time Apporx. D size Battery = 500hr  Or  Pb Battery = 450hr  (Backlight off) 
Approximately 1,000 hours consecutively when equipped with Mn Battery and Pb Battery altogether 
Option RS-232 (Print , Command ), Rear Display 
Rechargeable Battery And Adaptor, USB Port, SUS Tray 
Power  1.5V x 3 units (D size Battery)  or  Pb battery 4V 4Ah  or  6V Adapter 
Dimensions  245 (W) x 280(D) x 110(H)
Platter Size 225(W) x 190 (D)
Product Weight  2.44 kg